Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rocket Catch ('05)

Not a glitch but all the top ballers use it (Big Gene perfected it and won the madden challenge for 50 grand) it really can't be stopped when mastered
1. Call a streak
2. Run back 20 yards with the quarterback
3. Do a bullet pass?
4. Take control of your receiver and go in front of the circle where the ball is going then hit R1 before or now to face the ball
5. When the ball is coming let go of R1 and run towards and hit triangle
6. Your player will jump his vertical leap and snatch the ball out of the air
This is impossible to stop when perfected and makes the falcons unstoppable with 4 very good receivers for rockets catching with Finneran is the best. It takes a long time to perfection. If you watched the madden challenge Big Gene uses it as his offensive weapon.


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