Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Quarters Nano Blitz ('05)

1. Select “Under Smoke” in the Quarters Formation.
2. Spread and Loop the Line
3. Bump and Run.
4. Press Triangle and Right.

Disconnect Glitch ('05)

1. Pause game in the beginning.
2. Pick a Formation you don’t use.
3. Substitute LG with Backup Center.
4. Substitute Starting Center with that LG.
5. When you want to disconnect your opponent, run a formation you prefer.
6. The Pause the game.
7. Go to Substitutions and press O to re-substitute your starters.
8. Run the play again and it will disconnect opponent.

Disco Glitch ('05)

1. Pause the game
2. Go to depth chart
3. Sub in your 3rd string quarterback then unplug your controller
4. Quickly plug it back in move down and Press O (auto reorder) then unplug it again

Nickel Nano Blitz 2 ('05)

1. Over storm brave blitz (works)
2. L1 up, R3 down (RIGHT ANALOG DOWN)
3. R1 down
4. Triangle right, triangle down
5. Let computer do work

Nickel Nano Blitz ('05)

1. Select the play with smoke in the title (can’t remember full name)
2. Blitz lbs
3. Spread line
4. put linebackers behind DT’s
5. Let computer do work

4-3 Nano Blitz ('05)

1. Select “SS snake 3 stay”
2. Shift line right
3. Triangle left
Safety should break through (this one works)

3-4 Nano Blitz ('05)

1. Select “safe qb cover”
2. Pinch the line
3. Blitz strong safety and right inside linebacker

Rocket Catch ('05)

Not a glitch but all the top ballers use it (Big Gene perfected it and won the madden challenge for 50 grand) it really can't be stopped when mastered
1. Call a streak
2. Run back 20 yards with the quarterback
3. Do a bullet pass?
4. Take control of your receiver and go in front of the circle where the ball is going then hit R1 before or now to face the ball
5. When the ball is coming let go of R1 and run towards and hit triangle
6. Your player will jump his vertical leap and snatch the ball out of the air
This is impossible to stop when perfected and makes the falcons unstoppable with 4 very good receivers for rockets catching with Finneran is the best. It takes a long time to perfection. If you watched the madden challenge Big Gene uses it as his offensive weapon.

Juke Glitch ('05)

1. You have to be running with the ball
2. Run at an angle towards the defender
3. Take your thumb off the spirit button and well at an angle tap so you get a studder step
The defender will get fall for it every time

No Fair Catch On Punts ('05)

1. Pick a punt play
2. Aim arrow all the way up
3. Hit x for power but not for accuracy
It will be a short punt and won't be able to fair catch it
Hit stick him after he catches it he will fumble it most of the time

Delay Bump and Run ('05)

1. Call bump and run
2. Move the defender back manually
Will bump him after five yards

Dime Nano Blitz ('05)

1. Go to the Quarter Change Package to Linebackers.
2. Audible to any Dime Play (SS Gut Blitz works best for me)
3. Coverage Tight (Triange+Left)
4. Manually Blitz both DT (R3+Down)
5. Manually Blitz MLB (R3, Down)
6. Pull the left DT off of the line by 1 yard.